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Funtastic Foam Parties: 5 Reasons Why You Need A Foam Party

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

By: Shirish Khaire - 8.17.2021

It's the weekend and you are tired after a taxing week's work, you need a getaway, but can not afford white sandy beaches and blue waters at this time. Why not consider a Funtastic Foam Party?

1. It's Summertime!

Why not spend a weekend a little differently. Instead of going to a beach let's beat the heat with a foam dance party.

2. Foam parties can be done in your backyard!

If you don't want to travel, but want to introduce ways to keep EVERYONE entertained, a foam party may be the new way to go.

Throwing a foam party in your yard won't require you to travel miles, just wear a suitable outfit and you are good to go. We will bring the whole experience to you!

3. To have fun and socialize

Moved to a new neighborhood? WHY not give a twist to your regular house warming PARTY and make it a FOAM house warming party!

Makes a great talking point and you would forever be known as the cool new neighbors who threw the best house warming party EVER!

4. Foam Parties are Trending

Foam parties are slowly becoming a trend now. In light of the pandemic and Covid-19, the safest fun you could have with soap is FOAM PARTIES!

5. Loads of Fun at a Very Attractive Price

There are many packages to choose from, small packages fit for infants and toddlers, teens and adults, or build your own!

Bonus: Totally grass, pet & kid-friendly!

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